Tame Impala Strips Down His Expansive ‘The Slow Rush’ Number ‘On Track’ With An Acoustic Performance

Over the course of his career, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker has earned himself recognition as an experimental musician. As seen through his recent record The Slow Rush, he’s known for his expansive synths, chilling production, and heavily-reverbed vocals. Because of his affinity for adding an electric edge to his music, it’s not often Parker is seen with an acoustic guitar in hand. But Parker decided to break the mold and give his fans an acoustic performance of one of his recent tracks.

Armed solely with an acoustic guitar and his vocals, which usually are not at the forefront of his music, Parker performed a rendition of “On Track.” The acoustic version awards his fans the opportunity to see the core of his songwriting and how simple melodies can still maintain the integrity of a heavily-layered song.

Parker’s decision to perform “On Track” acoustically also highlights the song’s lyrics, which hold a particular meaning in a time when much of the world is still affected by a pandemic. “I know it’s been a slow year, nothin’ much to show here / I didn’t really go for it, so not a lot to show for it,” he sings.

Watch Parker perform an acoustic rendition of “On Track” above.

The Slow Rush is out now via Modular. Get it here.