Kevin Parker Addresses His Late Father On The Personal New Tame Impala Song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’

Based on “Patience” and “Borderline,” the pair of new songs Tame Impala released earlier this year, it looked like the group was set to have a new album out by the summer. That never came to pass, though, and recently, the group revealed that The Slow Rush will be released in February. Now Kevin Parker and company have shared the latest taste of the new record, “Posthumous Forgiveness.”

On the six-minute song, Parker sings about his father, who passed away in 2009 from skin cancer, at 61 years old. Parker spoke about his strained relationship with his father in a recent Rolling Stone interview, saying that his father and mother separated when he was four years old, but he later split from Parker’s stepmom and reunited with his mother, only for them to have another falling out. Parker seems to address the divorce on the song when he sings, “You were runnin’ for cover / Doin’ like any other / Fallin’ out with a lover / You didn’t know that I’d suffer / What a thing to discover / There was time to recover / Move on with each other / Just a boy and a father / What I’d give for another.”

Meanwhile, Parker previously spoke about why The Slow Rush didn’t come out last summer like it was thought it would, saying, “This album is still the album that I’ve been working on the shortest amount of time. […] But I did want to get it out for the US summer or something like that. This feels right, you know? […] In my head, it was possible, but now this kind of feels a lot more right. Things have just fallen into place so much more creatively for me, with the music and everything. It would have been rushed if it was any earlier than this.”

Listen to “Posthumous Forgiveness” above.

The Slow Rush is out 02/14/2020 via Modular. Pre-order it here.