Tegan And Sara Had The Best Time At An Acid-Fueled Rave In The ’90s — Until The Lights Turned On

Tegan And Sara aren’t shy about sharing stories of their teenage antics. The sister duo even documented them in their memoir High School, which is set to be adapted into a TV series. Along with forming their musical tastes, their teenage years were a time when the two experimented with psychedelics. Now, in a segment on Comedy Central, Tegan And Sara recount one particular night at an acid-fueled rave in the ’90s that didn’t quite go as expected.

Sitting down on Comedy Central’s series Tales From The Trip, Tegan And Sara told the story of lying to their parents to go to a rave. Describing the night, Sara recalled the feeling of joy and connection to those around her. But her feelings shifted once the lights turned on:

“I remember this intense feeling of joy and feeling so connected to these people. The connection and love and vibe that we felt from going to these spaces. They were full of alternative people, and people experimenting with gender, sexuality, and embracing all these different kinds of music within the same space, it was very liberating. There was this heightened sense that I was with exactly the people I was supposed to be with and we all took on the same shape and size. All those things I worried about when I was not stoned, they evaporated and we became this one big blob. […] I was having a blast right up until the moment they turned the lights on. Everybody looks amazing, and then they turn those fluorescent lights on and everyone looked like a zombie movie. The magical, warm space was just a sh*tty warehouse and there was just slush and dirt and water.”

After leaving the rave, the two were caught lying by their parents. As punishment, they were forced to finish a paper route on no sleep while it was freezing, an experience that would have been insufferable if they weren’t still tripping.

Watch Tegan And Sara tell the story of their rave experience above on Comedy Central’s Tales From The Trip.

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