Tegan And Sara Detail How They Channeled Their Teenage Antics Into The TV Series ‘High School’

Along with releasing their 2019 album Hey, I’m Just Like You, Tegan And Sara returned to recount their tumultuous childhood with their memoir High School. After previously announcing the book is being turned into a TV series, the singers detail how their teenage antics will play out on the upcoming show.

High School has officially been greenlit by Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service IMDb TV. Directed by Clea DuVall, the show will follow the coming-of-age story of a young Tegan and Sara as they discover their identities and get into trouble along the way.

Further detailing High School, Tegan and Sara describe their teenage selves as “degenerates” and talk about the “copious amounts of drugs” that went alongside their self-discovery. “No one is more shocked than us, that after a VERY difficult couple years in high school, doing copious amounts of drugs, skipping school, lying + being all around degenerates that we made it this far in our musical journey,” they wrote.

In a statement for Variety about the TV series, Tegan and Sara apologized to their mother for “forcing her to relive” their high school experience:

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Lauren, Ryan, and the fantastic IMDb TV team to bring ‘High School’ to life and apologize in advance to our mother for forcing her to relive this period of time with us again. We’ve made casting suggestions on her behalf to the incomparable Clea DuVall and our wonderful partners at Plan B.”

After making the announcement, Tegan and Sara returned to clear up some rumors and say that, no, they’re not going to be acting in the series. “After our announcement that our memoir High School got green lit for TV, a few people text me excited that we’re acting now,” they wrote. “Guyssss the memoir is about us in high school in the 90’s. We are 40. I know we look youngish but we don’t look THAT young.”

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