The Blossom Is Tired Of Growing Pains In Their Cathartic ‘Hardcore Happy’ Video

The Blossom, moniker of LA-based songwriter Lily Lizotte, earned a reputation for their anti-pop sound with a handful of singles released in 2020. Now, Lizotte announces that they’re gearing up for the release of their debut EP with the spirited single “Hardcore Happy.”

Sharing a self-directed video alongside the single, Lizotte visualizes the poignant feeling of being stuck. It opens with the singer buried underneath the dirt before transitioning to a clip of them trapped behind broken glass. All the while, Lizotte delivers relatable lyrics about feeling overwhelmed: “Yeah, you know my world is burnin’ / I’ve been sick of all my hurtin’ / Yeah, I’m tired of my gender / I spent five days on a bender.”

While their debut EP, 97 Blossom is about insecurity, gender dysphoria, and anxiety as a whole, Lizotte says they penned “Hardcore Happy” specifically about coping with difficult but necessary growing pains:

“‘Hardcore Happy’ is all my chaos in the form of a strong warm hug. Growing pains, the aches, while I’m closing my eyes and running towards change. Counting days in my sleep and hoping for something more. When someone asks me what it’s about I say, ‘Everything I am and everything I wish I was. It’s a hybrid of everything I’m influenced by sonically and emotionally. A collage I made with friends.'”

Watch The Blossom’s “Hardcore Happy” video above.

97 Blossom is out 4/6. Pre-order it here.