The Killers Are Releasing A ‘Concept Album’ This Summer That’s ‘Very Different’

Last summer, The Killers released Imploding The Mirage, but the band has been teasing its follow-up since pretty much the day the album came out. At the top of this year, they shared video of themselves in the studio. Now, the band’s Ronnie Vannucci has declared that the band’s next album is set to drop in August and that it’s a concept album that’s “very different” from their previous material. On top of that, they seem to have a bunch of material ready for the album after that one, too.

During an interview on the Sarah Hagan Backstage podcast, at 42:50 into the video below, Hagan mentioned how the band had a new album out in 2020, at which point Vannucci jumped in, “Last August. We have another one coming out this August.” He then continued:

“Well, weirdly enough, we had this stockpile of songs that were sort of orphans off of the last record, but we’re saving that for the next record. We instead made another record, which is… a bit of a concept record and very different from the normal Killers stuff. So we still have that stockpile left and we’re still writing more. It’s always good to have a few songs — or an album, even — lying around, just in case.”

Watch the full interview below.