Thom Yorke Expands Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ In His Lengthy New ‘Very 2021 Rmx’

Radiohead has made a number of generation-defining albums and songs since the ’90s, but through it all, it’s their first single, 1992’s “Creep,” that remains their biggest commercial success (in terms of individual songs). Thom Yorke debuted a re-work of the song during a fashion show earlier this year, and now he has shared a studio version of it, dubbed the “Very 2021 Rmx.”

This reimagining of the song takes the song’s original rock edge off in favor of some unsettling synths. This rendition also adopts a significantly slower tempo than the original, as it runs for a hair over 9 minutes.

The band has an up-and-down relationship with the song and have played it sporadically since the ’90s. At a Montreal show in support of OK Computer, the crowd called for the band to play the song and Yorke responded by yelling, “F*ck off, we’re tired of it.” In a 2017 interview, Yorke said of performing the song live, “It can be cool sometimes, but other times I want to stop halfway through and be like, ‘Nah, this isn’t happening.'”

As the band has had mixed feelings about the song, Dave Chappelle has fully embraced it, performing it multiple times over the years and most recently at Foo Fighters’ Madison Square Garden concert.

Listen to “Creep (Very 2021 Rmx)” above.