US Girls Are On That ‘Good Kinda High,’ Collaborating With Glenn Gould Decades After His Death

Fronted by the incomparable Meg Remy, US Girls are flat out one of the best live acts in the world. The Toronto group’s ability to express themselves through expert musicality, surreal rhythms, and an undying commitment to the many forms of movement, have rendered them nothing short of an essential live band. Where 2018’s In A Poem Unlimited proved to be their breakthrough (the band’s sixth album, mind you), 2020’s Heavy Light cemented their stalwart status.

Today, US Girls release “Good Kinda High,” a single which appears on the deluxe edition of the Uninvited Guests compilation, devoted to the late, great Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould, who made a name for himself as a progressive musical savant who was often shunned by classical musical community types. The project itself is the brainchild of producer Billy Wild and his Toronto-based Division 88 collective, in an effort to pair samples of Gould’s with contemporary artists. Wild said in a statement that the project “started 7 years ago as a challenge on whether or not Glenn Gould could be made to sound current. The main thing I learned on Gould is that he truly belonged in this generation.”

You might otherwise realize that “Good Kinda High” is merged with Gould’s music when you hear Remy’s always arresting vocals as the track begins. But she wrote her lyrics to a beat produced by Wild and relaxed hip-hop producer Gabriel Pick. Gould’s piano is a steady presence on the track which feels as dark as an Eastern European horror novel. In fact, Remy said, “I like to imagine Gould and I as two freaks on the same leash. Trying to be invisible trying to be seen.”

Listen to “Good Kinda High” above and check out the Uninvited Guests deluxe edition art and tracklist below.

Uninvited Guests

1. “Good Kinda High” Feat. US Girls
2. “Redlight
3. “Goodnight” Feat. Gabriel Pick and Your Hunni
4. “No Roses” Feat. Your Hunni, AARYS, and Ro Joaquim
5. “Getting That” Feat. Chief Awuah
6. “Easy” Feat. Kiki Rowe
7. “Better” Feat. AARYS
8. “Change Interlude”
9. “Mackin’ (Ice Cold)” Feat. Dope Fase
10. “Baethoven” Feat. Ro Joaquim
11. “Redlight (instrumental)”
12. “Goodnight (Instrumental)”
13. “No Roses (Instrumental)”
14. “Getting That (Instrumental)”
15. “Easy (Instrumental)”
16. “Better (Instrumental)”
17. “Change Interlude (Instrumental)”
18. “Mackin’ (Ice Cold) (Instrumental)”
19. “Baethoven (Instrumental)”

Uninvited Guests is out now via Primary Wave Music/Sony Masterworks. Get it here.