Vampire Weekend Share A Batch Of 2019 Performances On Their ‘Live In Florida’ EP

After releasing Father Of The Bride last year, Vampire Weekend spent some time touring in support of the album (back when touring was a thing). Now, they have chronicled a pair of Florida performances in a new EP, Live In Florida, which is available exclusively on Amazon Music.

The EP features performances of five songs: “Sunflower”, “How Long?”, and “2021” from Father Of The Bride, as well as “A Punk” and “White Sky,” recorded at shows in Miami and St. Augustine.

The band wrote in an Instagram post, “We went back to revisit some of our favorite shows from last year and put together a little something based around two beautiful nights in the Sunshine State.” Drummer Chris Tomson also said in a statement, “Vampire Weekend has had a long and healthy relationship with the Florida music fan, and last summer’s Miami/St. Augustine run was no different. These shows were a little sticky in the August humidity but I had so much fun playing and the really great crowd vibes always help (especially, but not limited to, Nick from Orlando’s inspired assistance on ‘A-Punk’). These shows stayed with me like the pepper sauce from O’Steen’s or a Cubano Doble from Enriqueta’s.”

Listen to the Live In Florida EP below.