Violet And Dave Grohl Recruited Members Of Nirvana, Slayer, And More To Perform ‘Nausea’

Violet Grohl and her father Dave released their first collaborative single a few days ago, a cover of X’s “Nausea.” The younger Grohl sounded like a seasoned pro singing on the track, and she delivered a similarly confident performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. She and her father were joined by Krist Novoselic (Dave Grohl’s former Nirvana bandmate), Dave Lombardo (of bands like Slayer and the Misfits), and Greg Kurstin (a regular Foo Fighters collaborator as a producer and a member of The Bird And The Bee).

In a recent post, Dave Grohl explained the familial significance of the song and wrote of recording the track with his daughter:

“It felt so meaningful to have the first song Violet and I record together be a tribute to our Bonebrake heritage. I crossed my fingers and awaited her response. Around 9 pm she answered with an excited ‘Yes!’ so I ran upstairs to my little demo studio and recorded the instrumental tracks as fast as I could. After about half an hour, I was done, and I brought her into the vocal booth to sing her part. As nervous as she was, she stepped up to the microphone and sang with the power and confidence of a seasoned pro as I engineered the session like a proud father, encouraging her to let it all out. I then sang my harmonies over her vocal in the chorus, our two voices blending perfectly in the mix, and we smiled upon listening to playback at full volume. It was a moment that superseded anything musical. A life moment that I will cherish forever. A family moment.”

Watch the Grohls and their supergroup perform “Nausea” above.