The War On Drugs Bring Their Huge Rock Sound To A Tiny Desk Concert

Fans have now had a few days to sit with the latest album from The War On Drugs, I Don’t Live Here Anymore. Now, Adam Granduciel and company have already given devotees a new way to enjoy some of the album’s songs, as they’ve presented them in a new light for an NPR Tiny Desk concert.

In their Burbank, California studio, the band came together to perform “I Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” “Old Skin,” and “Change,” all from the new album. As for the band’s mandatory tiny desk, they presented it in a funny way. Between songs, Granduciel asked around for a capo before a truly tiny desk with a capo on it was lowered from the ceiling.

Granduciel recently spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and explained the new album’s title, saying, “I was working on that title track. We had just actually had our baby. So he was maybe like two months old and I had been strumming that song. He went to bed that night and I went down to my little basement studio to put this idea down. At that stage, I usually do a free association thing where I’m just singing and playing guitar. And I was on verse 11 or verse 12 or something and that line just came to me, ‘I don’t live here anymore.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ And so I was like, ‘That’s a sweet little hook.’ And then the song developed. Over the course of the record, I realized that that was probably just going to be title of the record. It just felt like kind of an affirmation of knowing where it is don’t want to be in some way.”

Check out the band’s performance above.

The War On Drugs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.