Weezer Basically Wheezed While Performing A New Song At Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest, one of the summer’s biggest gaming showcases, began this afternoon. As part of the proceedings, Weezer helped to open the kick-off stream by performing a new song called “Tell Me What You Want.” As the band took the virtual stage, they started trending on Twitter for a number of reasons.

During the song, Rivers Cuomo coughed (seemingly intentionally as part of the song’s lyrics) while referencing a certain online music publication, singing, “Don’t be influenced by an office full of dorks / I won’t mention any names… [coughs] Pitchfork.” Those watching the event took notice of both the coughing and the Pitchfork diss:

A few others saw the cough as an opportunity to joke that the band has finally lived up to their name by wheezing on a song.

The performance also included footage from the forthcoming game Wave Break, in which there will be a level called “Weezy Mode” that’s based on the new song. The band, Wave Break developer Funktronic Labs, and Crush Games have also “taken steps to ensure ‘Tell Me What You Want’ is stream-safe, so it can be freely used on Twitch, YouTube, and anywhere else without being blocked or losing monetization.” As for Wave Break, it’s described as “the world’s first skateBOATING game, inspired by arcade skateboarding classics.” Both the game and song will be released tomorrow, June 11.

Watch Weezer perform “Tell Me What You Want” above.