Weyes Blood Turns In A Jaunty Performance Of ‘Everyday’ On ‘Late Night’

Weyes Blood’s new album Titanic Rising is one of the finer indie albums of the year so far, and fortunately, Natalie Mering is getting the praise and recognition she deserves. The record has received critical acclaim (including from Uproxx’s own Steven Hyden), and last night, Mering found herself on the Late Night With Seth Meyers stage for a performance of album highlight “Everyday.” Donning a white suit and accompanied by her band, Mering turned in a lively performance of the jaunty tune.

This performance comes during a break in Mering’s world tour. She wrapped up a stretch of North American dates in June, but she’ll get back to it starting with some west coast shows in August.

Weyes Blood previously described the song as having a “restless, ADD feeling about dating,” and she also said of it, “I guess in a lot of ways ,’Everyday’ is like an old school type of song writing that not a lot of people do nowadays. It’s kind of cool to realize, yeah you can write a song that like has a different feel. You know, a lot things these days seem to be predominantly kind of shoegazey. Just to put some different textures in there, you’ve got some inspiration.”

Watch Weyes Blood perform “Everyday” above, read our review of Titanic Rising here, and check out our interview with Weyes Blood here.