Wild Pink Releases “Florida,” An Ode To The Beautifully Scarred State

Move over Sufjan Stevens, Wild Pink’s John Ross might finally be the indie artist to give us music dedicated to each of the 50 states. Ok, that’s a stretch, but following the recently released track with Samia entitled “Ohio,” Ross and Wild Pink are back with “Florida.” Both are follow-ups to Wild Pink’s excellent A Billion Little Lights, which came out in February.

On “Florida,” the Ross-led Brooklyn trio play on the juxtaposition of Florida’s stigma as the home of shady suspects, but also with its beauty as the uniquely beautiful home of the Everglades. It’s a glistening track with pedal steel, acoustic strums, lovely keys, and a driving thump that flashes the new-age folk that the band has totally nailed. Ross shared some words in a statement on the track:

“Florida” is a love letter to the state I grew up in,” says Ross. “It has a bad reputation, which is well deserved, but I think it’s also a misunderstood state. It’s got it’s own thing going on if you look hard enough and the natural beauty there is unreal. Florida is a rewarding place if you spend the time finding its charm. I grew up listening to a lot of Florida bands like I Hate Myself and Shai Hulud, which was really formative for me early on.”

“This was the first song I wrote after a long musical hiatus during the lockdown. I had just gotten an upright piano for free on Facebook Marketplace and the piano loop was the first thing I wrote on it. “Florida” puts a period at the end of the A Billion Little Lights sentence, in my mind.”

Listen to “Florida” above.