Willie Nelson Is All Smiles After Receiving His First Round Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine continues being rolled out across the country, people over the age of 65 are now able to get their shots — and that includes Willie Nelson. The iconic singer drove to a clinic nearby his Spicewood, Texas hometown and was all smiles as he receive his first round of the vaccine.

Nelson’s wife Annie confirmed to Rolling Stone that they were able to get vaccinated on Wednesday, saying they wanted to make sure the vaccine was available to health care workers first and foremost. “We made sure that [he] wasn’t cutting anybody — in fact, the healthcare workers were kind of angry that we had waited so long because he is 87 years old and has [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease].”

Nelson confirmed that the singer’s experience getting the shot was quick and pain-free, with the exception of a sore arm. “He was bragging yesterday after he got it that he didn’t even have a sore arm,” Nelson said. “Now, today, of course, his arm is sore. We’re both just a little tired. I don’t know if we wouldn’t be tired anyway, but we’re gonna do what they said and let the vaccine do its job.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Nelson said that the singer is hopeful he can return to touring in the fall. But in the meantime, they have both been extra careful about being exposed to the virus. “Stuff doesn’t even come into the house unless it gets sterilized,” she said. “We work out three times a week to keep sane, and he sings, and that’s really helpful. Sometimes he just puts on his [SiriusXM] channel Willie’s Roadhouse and sings at the top of his lungs to his music. That’s good exercise.”

Check out a photo of Nelson getting vaccinated above.

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