BrewDog Is Trolling Trump Hard With This Beer Made With Melted Ice Caps

The rebel punks over at Scotland’s BrewDog are known for taking big swings in the craft beer world. They’ve expanded internationally with huge investments. They’re building hotels that’ll be temples to all things suds. Then, like good rebellious punks, they started getting political when Donald Trump moved into the White House and started abusing America like a toy bin in a dentist’s office.

BrewDog took dead aim at Trump’s immigration policy with a beer bar that straddles the border between the US and Mexico. And, now, they’re taking on climate change and Trump’s removal of America for the Paris Climate Accords with a new saison beer called Make Earth Great Again.

“As an American, I’m both infuriated that our country has shied away from addressing climate change and proud to be a part of a community of punks who are willing to take a stand,” proclaimed Tanisha Robinson, BrewDog’s American CEO. Robinson continued, “By donating proceeds to an organization that directly fights climate change, we are enabling every single person who drinks Make Earth Great Again to join together to amplify their voices for this cause.” We have to admit, drinking beer and fighting climate change at the same time sounds like a good time to us.

Make Earth Great Again was brewed with water from melting Arctic ice and endangered Arctic cloudberries to drive home the immediacy of the warming globe’s impact on your existence. The satirical label of the beer sets a mech’d out cyborg Trump against a very angry polar bear in a battle for the planet’s future. And as one last act of BrewDog punk-ness, the beer will be served from a tap that’s inside a (fake) taxidermied polar bear. So you can look that bear in the eyes and contemplate its shrinking habitat while you sip on that grassy, tart saison beer.