Cat Lovers No Longer Have To Worry About Drinking Alone Thanks To This Wine For Cats

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Advertisers and their creative teams spend weeks, months, sometimes years coming up with that magical catch phrase that will sell us on some crap. Don Drapers pitched us the carousel and the magic of nostalgia. Edward Bernays convinced us bacon and fried eggs was the only way to start the day. And, today, a new slogan has been launched for a Cat Wine, the wine for cats. It’s one for the ages.

Cat wine. Because, why not?

Nailed it.

Cat Wine was launched by Denver’s Apollo Peak Cat Wine. Their product is organic and locally sourced because they aren’t monsters! The wine comes in a red variety dubbed “Pinot Meow” and a crisp white dubbed “MosCATo.” A bottle will set you back about twelve bucks. Apollo Peak Cat Wine blends organic catnip sourced in the Pacific Northwest (we hear the catnip from up there is just delightful) and one of America’s best cash crops, red beets.

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Apollo Peak claims that when a cat ingests catnip (as opposed to inhaling it) something different happens. “When cats smell catnip they tend to get funny, move around and play a lot. However, the exact opposite occurs when they ingest catnip. They normally will become more ‘mellowed’ out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights.” Someone to drink with and less restless nights up with kitty — sounds win, win.

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Basically you’re getting your cat high AF. Catnip was used by American Indians to calm babies with colic and is still used as a mild sedative in some herbal teas. So it certainly has an effect.

But, why? No, really. Well, according to the good people over at Apollo Peak: “We know cats shouldn’t have alcohol so we’ve designed a safe alternative to feeding them your ‘real’ wine.” Ah, all those people who were feeding their cats actual wine now have a catnip-infused alternative.

It’s nice to know we now live in a world where every cat can get their drank on — even if the catnip and beet “wine” is non-alcoholic.

(Via Eater)