This New Machine Will Brew A Perfect Cider Right On Your Countertop

A photo posted by ALCHEMA (@alchema21) on May 26, 2016 at 8:56pm PDT

Fermenting takes a long time and needs fairly accurate temperatures and timing to accomplish the task of transforming average fruit into tasty booze. It’s a trial and error sort of task that will probably end up providing more disappointment than producing a transcendent tipple. Some innovators in San Francisco, however, have been devising a way for you to make your own cider and fruit wines right on the countertop of your very own kitchen.

Alchema just launched a Kickstarter to fund the production of their fermenting appliance. The Alchema is connected to your smartphone via an app that provides the fermenter with recipes, guides, and timers. There’s little to no waste as the whole machine is basically a container for a reusable jug for water and fruit. It’s pretty simple — throw in some fruit of your choosing, add water and yeast, close machine, and then wait for your smartphone to tell you it’s done a couple weeks later.

Wait, weeks?

Yes, weeks. Unfortunately, the Alchema isn’t magical. You’ll still have to allow time for nature to take its course. But at the end you’ll have what the company calls “craft cider” ready to serve.

The new model being hawked on Kickstarter yields about 2.4l of fermented sparkling cider which equates to around three wine bottles worth. Given the endless possibilities of fruit and spice combinations, there are some really cool drinks you could whip up year-round. A $299 pledge will get you the machine as soon as it comes off the line. A few weeks later, you’ll be toasting some hard apple cider goodness.

(Via Eater)