This Job As ‘Director Of Toughness’ Pays You 39K To Go On A Global Adventure

Life Writer

“Say goodbye to life as you know it.” Strong words from Ma Boyle over at Columbia Sportswear. It seems that big companies and organizations are reaching out to the masses more and more recently with what many would deem dream jobs. Although, being sent up glaciers and into the eye of a storm all in a week’s work may not be ideal for some lily livered scoundrels.

Columbia Sportswear has what will certainly be a dream job for #TheMadOnes — and it clocks in at thirty-nine thousands dollars for nine months‘ “work.” The company needs a guinea pig to test Columbia’s line of endurance sportswear in all the elements (well, hopefully not fire, but you never know…). More specifically they’re looking for “two people to be testers, world travelers, glacier climbers, brand ambassadors, social media gurus, nature photographers and spelunkers.” Now, when they say “social media guru,” they are expecting you to have handles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a blog…all with a following. The FAQs section of the job page makes sure you know that being a Director of Toughness also means creating a lot of social media content while you’re adventuring around the world.

Basically, do you like the outdoors and love showing us all your adventures on social media? This is your gig! Here are some shots from Columbia Sportswear for inspiration.

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