The Smithsonian Wants To Send You Around The Country Drinking Craft Beer

Tired of your current job? Do you love beer? Do you love craft beer even more? Have you ever dreamed of combing your love of beer with work? Can you communicate well with co-workers and the public? Then hold on to your knit caps and beards because the Smithsonian has the job for you!

The National Museum of American History is looking for a wide-eyed and bottomless-gutted individual to be their first “Historian/Scholar for the American Brewing History Initiative.” This will be a full-time gig traveling around the USA drinking craft beer, talking to brewers, and reporting back to the Smithsonian what you find for three years. Catch your breath. Pick yourself up off the floor. This is real.

The candidate the Smithsonian is looking for should “have proven experience in scholarly research, organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials.” They’re also looking for someone with an “advanced degree” in history, food, brewing, culture, and American business practices — but your love of eating and drinking surely counts as advanced, right?

$64,650 (plus benefits) of our American tax dollars per year will give one lucky beerhound a job of a lifetime. Apply here. Good luck! And, now, here are some awesome craft breweries around American to inspire you to apply and hit that dusty and sudsy American road.

(Via Washingtonian)