Would You Pay $33K To Stay In Trump’s DC Hotel On Election Night?

08.11.16 2 years ago

Back in 1898 the Old Post Office Pavilion opened on the corner of 12th and Pennsylvania in a part of town that was colorfully known as Murder Bay. It was a few square blocks flooded with crime, villainy, and prostitution — filling the gap between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. In August of 2013, the General Services Administration — which runs several federal sites — signed a lease with Donald J. Trump to rehabilitate the building and turn it in to a swanky, gilded hotel like only Trump can(‘t).

Remember when Trump used to just be a sketchy real estate developer? Those were the days.

Evidently that rehabilitation is nearing completion and the hotel is already taking reservations. The Washingtonian did a little digging and found that Trump Hotels is planning on cashing in on Election Night 2016 big time. According to reservation’s services, the Presidential Suite, or Trump Townhouse, will cost a paltry $33,434 for the night. You’ll also get to brag that you stayed in the “largest Presidential Suite in all of Washington, DC” because, of course it’s the biggest one. You know what they say, a yuuuuuuuuge presidential suite more than makes up for allegedly tiny hands.

Something stinks. 😷💩

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