This Man Waited 40 Minutes For His McDonald’s Order, But Got An Amazing Story Instead

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04.11.16 5 Comments
McDonalds Opening

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McDonald’s: The home of triple-burger abominations (and heart attacks), the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry (and heart attacks), and really good stories about what happens when you want a milkshake at 1 a.m. (and heart attacks).

Earlier this morning, Josh Raby traveled to the McD’s near his house when, in his words, “I’m greeted at the drive thru by the following sentence: ‘Hey holy sh*t hello, you are at McDonald’s, and I am begging your patience.'” Most people would rethink that milkshake and go home, or drive the extra 5 minutes to the Dairy Queen down the road, but not Raby. He needed to see where this was going, and lucky for us, he tweeted the entire encounter. Like all good stories, chicken sandwiches and confusing marriages are involved.

The “holy sh*t hello” catches Raby off guard.

But he eventually spits out his order.

Then, crushed dreams.

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