McDonald’s Latest Abomination Is A Triple-Sized Big Mac In Japan

If you were worried that McDonald’s has been a bit asleep at the wheel lately with ideas for crazy new menu items in the United States and abroad, worry no longer. The company’s Japanese locations will start offering a Big Mac triple the size of the standard burger in early April, so be sure to contact any friends and family you have in or near Japan so you can experience the massive sandwich yourself.

Unlike the standard Big Mac that people around the world know and love, this burger has four all-beef patties instead of two. “But wait!” you think, “that means it’s only twice the size as normal, so why is it a triple?” Great question and one that is easily answered by noting that as well as the additional meat, the burger is also taller and wider than normal. So besides being a crazy amount of food to eat in one sitting, it’s also physically harder to hold, take a bite out of, and not make a mess while doing it. Plus, to make this crazy thing even more awesome sounding, Japanese McDonald’s are calling it the “Giga Big Mac.”

That makes it seem like you should order a dozen of them, round up all your friends, and eat them while watching Godzilla projected on the side of a building. Someone draw up the plans and have these things Fedex’d over here!

(via HypeBeast)