The Truth: Your Secrets Aren’t Safe

There are a few prevalent schools of thought when it comes to privacy. There’s the “I have nothing to hide!” camp, the “why the hell is the government doing this, privacy is a real thing and it’s worth protecting” crew, and the “it’s all a conspiracy and everything is terrible” contingent. Until five minutes ago, I was pretty sure I was a staunch “I have nothing to hide!” person — but upon reflection…would I want all of my Internet usage made visible to, say, my mother? Naaaahhh.

In this episode of Uproxx’s The Truth, Parker Higgins of the Electronic Frontier Foundation unpacks the current privacy laws, explains how the government collects and handles your secrets, and warns of potential dangers (even for those with “nothing to hide”). It’s a quick, deep dive into a topic that is highly relevant to our times.

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