Frank Mir Revealed That He Has Asked The UFC For His Release

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Frank Mir was fighting in the UFC when it wasn’t cool. The dark days of MMA — 2001. Mir turned pro in the summer of 2001, and by November he was fighting at UFC 34, which is almost universally considered the turning point for the UFC after Zuffa purchased the company. Mir went on to snap Tim Sylvia’s arm to win the heavyweight title before he even had 10 fights to his name, would sit out for over a year and have his belt stripped after a motorcycle accident, then time after time be front and center in some of the biggest moments in UFC heavyweight history. Now, the 27-time UFC fighter could be on his way out of the company due to a failed drug test and a two-year ban from the sport.

According to Mir, the B sample that was flagged as positive after his loss to Mark Hunt in Australia last March has led to a two-year ban, even though he’s been trying to have his sample cleared by other labs in the United States. Mir explained on Ariel Helwani’s show that the failed sample and his A sample can be tested at his expense. If he wants to view the work himself, he can pay his own way. This led to Mir considering his options and deciding that the cost of a lawyer, travel, and lab work wouldn’t be worth it, especially if he lost.

This has led him to ask for his release from the UFC, he revealed on The MMA Hour.

I’m still suspended and I’m not allowed to fight or broadcast and I have to think about my savings and I have children. I made a calculated decision to forego fighting it further. Even if it was a reduced sentence of one year, I have children that are very active and are in private school and different endeavors fighting and (no work) for a year let alone two years isn’t feasible. Hopefully, the UFC the would just release me so I can follow broadcasting and fighting in different avenues.

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