Georges St-Pierre Might Be Close To Fighting UFC Champ Tyron Woodley At Madison Square Garden

Now that Tyron Woodley has the welterweight title slung over his shoulder, he has a new swagger. He knocked out one of the toughest men in the sport inside of three minutes at UFC 201, and now he’s got negotiating power, leveraged by 12 pounds of gold. With Georges St-Pierre looking to come back for a fight, Woodley has made the appropriate phone calls to raise his stock for some big money fights.

This seems like a new Woodley, who also had (more) words for Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, who called him out immediately after Woodley upset Lawler. Tyron shuts him down (again) segues directly into his reveal that a GSP/Woodley fight is in the works (starts around 10:55).

“Stephen “Wonderwoman” Thompson. You specifically said that I was not going to win this fight. You think the fans want to watch you and Robbie fight because it’s a more exciting fight. You say I’ve been waiting while he’s been active. You said I didn’t deserve it. You even went on to say I fade in later rounds and Robbie comes on stronger in later rounds. Your mouth wrote a check your ass can’t cash, and you’re going to fight Robbie.

I’ve already spoken to the lineal champion; the No. 1 welterweight, one of the greatest in the sport. His interest is in fighting me. Georges St. Pierre wants to fight me. And guess what? I want to fight him.

I want to know that I at least had the opportunity to prove to myself that I’m the best welterweight who’s ever graced a damn Octagon.”

Woodley goes on to rant about how MMA, or at least the UFC’s MMA league, isn’t a sport — popularity wins out over the rankings. He doesn’t want Thompson to talk himself into a fight, and he wants GSP at Madison Square Garden, or a big name like Nick Diaz.

But the big takeaway here is the dialogue between the champ and GSP. If this fight gets made, it’s the big return that could put the long-awaited UFC New York City show into the history books. Throw a Ronda comeback on the card, and we’ve got ourself a theme.

(Via Sherdog)