Bill Maher’s Warning To Voters About Trump: ‘Once Fascists Get Power, They Don’t Give It Up’

Managing Editor, Trending
11.05.16 6 Comments

If you thought Bill Maher exhausted his reserves of Trump hate with his Facebook special earlier in the week, Friday’s Real Time would prove you wrong. Maher was a firebrand for the entirety of the show — at least when he wasn’t talking to President Obama — and turned up the drama for voters throughout. It was to the point that Maher actually apologized for some of the things he said back during the Bush, McCain, and Romney campaigns, the latter being a guy he donated $1 million against in an effort to save the nation.

Now it’s Trump, a real threat in the eyes of Maher and many others. Those others were just cry wolf moments and now we’re facing the real thing with a hanging threat that it might not ever go away. “Once fascists get power, they don’t give it up. You’ve got President Trump for life.” You might not get a more dramatic appeal before election day.

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