Samantha Bee Pinpoints The Rise And Fall Of The Somewhat Crazy Religious Right In Politics

When it comes to Full Frontal, one thing Samantha Bee doesn’t seem to lack is teeth. The TBS newcomer is definitely more John Oliver than Jon Stewart, with a bit of mean streak thrown in there that comes out through fantastic pieces covering the current political world. And it’s certainly not the worst time to start a new political show.

With the fall of Ted Cruz from the 2016 presidential race, the Religious Right — the political wing of Evangelicals that give regular Christians a bad name — has lost its champion. Instead, they now have to either run into hiding or hitch their wagons to Donald Trump and hope he doesn’t run them off a cliff.

But as Bee shows, it wasn’t always like that. There was once a day when religious folks wanted nothing to do with politics, only pushing to get involved in those later decades when the light of Ronald Reagan shined bright on the political stage. Folks like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and others helped to usher their beliefs into politics. And now it seems like that’s all sorta coming to a very orange death.

Pour one out for all your favorites and the winds of change that seem to be shifting in according to Bee. Somebody should cue up that Scorpions song.

(Via Full Frontal)