Bill Maher And Stephen Colbert Spent Their Interview Cursing And Making Fun Of Donald Trump

The interviews that seem playful or go off the rails in some manner always seem to be the best for Stephen Colbert. Whenever he breaks, drifts into a tangent about The Lord of the Rings, or ends up dealing with a guest that is used to dropping a few f-bombs, the entertainment seems to rise a bit.

That’s what we got with Bill Maher’s appearance on Monday’s Late Show, giving the CBS audience a taste of HBO with a few choice curses back and forth. There was also a nice Donald Trump impression tossed in, followed by a discussion revolving around Trump and Ben Carson giving oral pleasure. Job creators in action!

The back and forth between Maher and Colbert is likely the most fun in this interview. Right from the beginning, their differences are brought up (and Maher lets everybody know about his religious preferences). It’s funny how they handle each other, especially when you think about how it would be if the roles were reversed. Maher calls him “Steve,” Colbert talks blowjobs, and Maher realizes he’s not on HBO. It’s great.

That said, if Donald Trump came out and just said, “me build wall, me great,” I think I might lose it. And then I’ll hope we don’t actually elect him.

(Via The Late Show)

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