Reddi-Wip and Hebrew National Are The Newest Brands To Feel The Boycott Burn From Hannity Viewers

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11.14.17 2 Comments

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Over the weekend, viewers of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program began to #BoycottKeurig when the coffee-brewer manufacturer announced it would no longer be among the show’s advertisers after Hannity defended Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama accused of sexual contact with a 14-year-old and the pursuit of other teens when he was in his 30s. Now, Hebrew National and Reddi-Wip have joined Keurig, and as expected, people are already hitting social media to voice their displeasure with the brand and to chuck hot dogs down the garbage disposal.

Hannity hasn’t yet jumped into the proverbial fray with these advertisers, as he did with Keurig. There is no mention of them on Twitter, and he certainly hasn’t started buying up alternate whipped cream on hot dogs to give to the people who make the best videos of them destroying perfectly edible foodstuffs they already paid for. But, that hasn’t slaked people’s thirst for a good bit of outraged boycott tweeting.

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