Joe Biden’s New Political Action Committee Raises Further Questions About A Potential 2020 Presidential Run

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05.31.17 12 Comments

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Former Vice President and unapologetic ice cream enthusiast Joe Biden elected to pass on a run for the White House in 2016. A soon-to-be unveiled new organization seems to be signalling that 2020 isn’t off the table for Barack Obama’s Veep.

The New York Times reports Biden is set to reveal a newly established political action committee (PAC) on Thursday in what’s billed by NYT as the “most concrete sign yet” that the long-serving politician will continue to be a presence in the Democratic Party and adds increased bulk to post-election speculation that Biden will run in 2020.

“Biden has a lot of support out there, and this gives him a way to grow that support while also helping Democrats win and build the party,” explained Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter when describing Biden’s value to her party.

There’s of course no guarantee that Biden’s PAC (which features former VP aide Greg Schultz at the helm) equals a presidential run, but it certainly suggests a far more publicly active Joe Biden than we’ve following Donald Trump moving into the White House. With a PAC attached to the proverbial Biden brand, the veteran politician has the increased opportunity to assist the Dems during 2018’s midterm elections. After last year’s stunning Trump win, the Democrats still have the opportunity to refine their public image with more battles still to fight. How Joe Biden’s presence impacts the process will be watched along the way.

(Via New York Times)

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