Watch Joe Biden’s Love For Ice Cream Get The Recognition It So Richly Deserves

Pretty simple. Everyone loves Joe Biden and Joe Biden loves ice cream (and his best budz 4 life, Barry O). This supercut should be shown to stressed out business executives or women going into labor. It’s a flood of endorphins. Truly, to watch anyone enjoy something is wonderful, to watch them be totally blissed out, Biden-style, is the best. So good, in fact, that there is an entire Tumblr titled Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream which, let us assure you, is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes amidst the hectic chaos of our modern world.

Please, please, please can the next iteration of the Ice Cream Museum (coming to LA) have a Joe Biden wing? What about a statue out front? Does the man even have his own flavor yet? Lord knows he deserves it! Look at the work he’s put in!

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