Kellyanne Conway Repeatedly Changes The Subject When Asked About Trump’s Attack Ad On Clinton’s Health

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10.12.16 7 Comments

About a month ago, Hillary Clinton developed a cough, and in response, Donald Trump’s supporters mocked her fitness to serve as president. A week later, she stumbled at the 9/11 Ground Zero ceremony, which caused legitimate concerns, and Trump switched character modes. After weeks of questioning her “stamina,” Trump displayed faux empathy for a couple of days. And once Clinton reentered the campaign trail, Trump returned to his own tricks and criticized her health once more.

Now, Trump has released an attack ad on Clinton’s health, and Kellyanne Conway showed up on GMA to field questions on the matter. Actually, she declined to answer the question no matter how many times George Stephanopoulos asked how Conway planned to improve Trump’s poll numbers with women while using such tactics. The ad shows Clinton coughing, tripping on stairs (based on a viral photo from February that’s very popular with conspiracy theorists), and stumbling at Ground Zero. Yet Conway repeatedly changed the subject when her host asked why Trump was “making fun of her health.”

First, Conway claimed that the ad will work with women because it highlights issues that they care about. Secondly, she said the ad was only about Clinton’s performance as secretary of state. Thirdly, she brought up speaking fees that Clinton received from Goldman Sachs. And fourthly, she questioned whether Clinton had the “stamina” to lead. The absurdity of Conway’s refusal to address the question felt like a parody of the SNL parody of her.

You can see the ad below, which overlays scenes of terrorism, North Korea, and ISIS acts before cutting to Clinton stumbling, which leads to the ad’s conclusion that Clinton doesn’t have the “fortitude” to lead.

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