The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2017

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Because of when I started writing these recaps, Slammiversary XV is an Impact Wrestling pay-per-view near and dear to my heart. I still look back at that pay-per-view and see it as a great show from top to bottom, still surprised it was even a fraction as good as it was considering iffy storytelling leading up to the show.

But post-Slammiversary storytelling — and Impact Wrestling, in general — has been a mess. A shitshow, even. And in a way, even that could be described as “from top to bottom.” I’ve written thousands upon thousands of words about the mess Impact Wrestling has been on a weekly basis, so I don’t need to reiterate on every front right here.

But even with that mess, I’d hoped the promotion would pull a Slammiversary and pull a creative rabbit out of a hat for Bound For Glory. After all, Bound For Glory is this company’s WrestleMania. And while that particular comparison may mean something rather disappointing depending on your stance on WrestleMania these days, one thing should be taken from it: Bound For Glory, no matter the match quality, should always feels like a larger than life spectacle. It should never feel small or like an episode of #ImpactOnPOP.

If only most of Bound For Glory could be so lucky to even have a fraction of the quality of an episode of Impact Wrestling. Instead, we’re welcome to the new normal for the promotion, which is a lot of the same (of course because #LOLTNA) but also somehow worse. New referees who are absolutely not on the level (or even have the combined experience) of all the referees who just left Impact Wrestling; a new ring announcer who both doesn’t know the product and can’t announce without blowing up his voice; an inability to get working mics for backstage segments.

These are all just basic things you’d expect a professional wrestling company — with television deals — to get right. And they’re just scratching the surface of the problems with this show and this company. You can’t blame pre-taping for this; it’s a live show. You can’t blame Jeff Jarrett for this; he’s completely gone. By the way, the Bound For Glory pay-per-view video package is the same stuff we’ve been seeing on television for months. They couldn’t even shoot more footage in those Global Chamber Rooms for this.

What is it about this company that, even with new people in charge and behind-the-scenes, it still repeats the same mistakes?