Adam Rose Claims His Release From WWE Was ‘Mutual’

The former Adam Rose (who will be going by “Aldo Rose” on the independent wrestling circuit going forward) has been in the news a whole heck of a lot over the past couple of months. Very little of the attention Rose has gotten is likely to be news that he is proud of.

First, he was suspended for 60 days by WWE for his second Wellness Policy violation back in April. He took to Twitter a few times while he was off television to say that he was wrongfully suspended and offered his personal doctor’s note as proof, saying that he didn’t care if posting it would lead to his release. Then, in May, he was arrested on charges of domestic abuse and tampering with a witness. That arrest led to his indefinite suspension by WWE and, on May 23, his release from the company.

This week, Rose granted his first post-release interview to Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, discussing his suspension, arrest and release. According to Rose, his release from WWE was mutual.

“It was a mutual thing. Honestly, I had just hit too many problems back to back. My mistakes or not, guilty or not? It was starting to look really bad. It was just the best choice for everyone involved and the WWE and I knew that.

“Adam Rose never quite took off in the WWE! Is it the company’s fault, or my fault? Probably a bit of both. The character Adam Rose that debuted on NXT was not the same character that the WWE Universe got. Honestly, I am happy to leave. It was time. I wanted to be home more. My boys and my wife needed me. My poor wife had been carrying the load the whole time while I was off living my dream. It was not right or fair to her or my boys.”

Rose has a lot more to say on the whole ordeal and his plans for the future over at Pro Wrestling Sheet.