AEW Will Be Testing Everyone Who Enters The Building Before Next Week’s Dynamite

Next week, AEW is returning to broadcasting live episodes of Dynamite, a plan that’s still controversial among some people, considering that the Coronavirus pandemic is still going strong. But on last night’s official AEW Dynamite post-show on YouTube, members of the AEW broadcast team did their best to reassure fans that safety is still a priority. Jim Ross first mentioned that the plan is to test everybody who comes in next week, and Excalibur explained at greater length:

There will be on-site point-of-care testing for everybody that enters the building that day. That was something that was insisted upon by our management team — that if we are going to resume these things, we need to keep everybody as safe as possible. And so you know, for me personally, I’m a little bit of a germophobe, so that went a long way into kind of calming my nerves.

Of course, he doesn’t even begin to explain what kind of tests they’re actually going to be doing. Do they have access to COVID-19 tests, or are they just taking everybody’s temperature? Are they doing anything, in fact, to account for the fact that COVID-19 can be spread by people who are showing no symptoms at all? Regardless, it’s become clear that nobody can stop pro wrestling from going forward, so all we can really do is wish them the best and hope everybody stays healthy.