Here’s Your First Look At The Opening Video For AEW Dynamite

We have our best idea yet what the aesthetics will be of All Elite Wrestling’s TNT series, AEW Dynamite, thanks to a preview of the opening sequence that the “AEW on TNT” Twitter account posted today. The video features the same kind of fast-paced hard rock theme music we’re used to from WWE TV, but the visual aesthetics are quite different.

The sequence features a lightning-fast edit of in-ring action and some closeups of talent, but with digitally inserted rainbow colors that look like the kind of colorful chalk used as part of India’s Holi festival. Someone flies through the air leaving a trail of color, someone strikes someone else and there’s an explosion of color, that sort of thing. It’s very much the same aesthetic as the poster that revealed the show’s title a couple of weeks back. It’s certainly not the kind of explosion one associates with the word “dynamite,” but nobody actually wants to see wrestlers blowing each other up with sticks of Nitro like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

Those of us who are interested will get to see what the whole show looks like in just two days, which is pretty hard to believe after all these months of anticipation, but this reveal does a great job of both making it feel real and whetting our appetites for the show to come.