Alberto Del Rio Would Be Happy To Have CM Punk Fight In His MMA Company

CM Punk was roundly embarrassed in his loss to Mickey Gall in his first MMA fight at UFC 203. After getting so thoroughly demolished and outed as a rank amateur in the sport, UFC President Dana White said maybe Punk’s next MMA fight shouldn’t happen in UFC. Of course, White later walked those comments back, because he loves money. But even if Punk won’t fight in UFC again, all is not lost regarding his MMA career. Other companies are lining up to promote his next fight, and now he officially has the support of the former Alberto Del Rio, who this week was announced as the actual, real-life president of Combate Americas, a legitimate MMA promotion.

During a phone interview with The Rome Show, which you can listen to above, El Presidente answered questions about his opinion of CM Punk’s MMA debut and whether he would like to have Punk come and fight in Combate Americas.

“He had the cojones to transition from pro wrestling to MMA I know a lot of people say he didn’t do well, but he did well and it was his first fight and first experience, especially in the biggest MMA organization in the world. It wasn’t an easy fight for CM Punk. I think he needs to do it again. He needs to train and learn from that first fight. He will come back even better.

“I would love to have him fight for this organization or any fighter with talent. They are welcomed to come and fight. They have my number and I’ll give them a job.”

Well that’s certainly nice of Alberto. Those disgruntled ex-WWE guys with interests in MMA have to stick together, you know! They should call up Batista, maybe have some jackets made.

El Presidente calls Combate Americas his “main priority” for the time being, and it’s important enough for him to change his name over, so that makes a lot of sense. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to head on over to my main priority for the time being. This is Bill Meatball Sub, signing off.