All Elite Wrestling Is In Talks With Turner Broadcasting


Last week, Jim Ross claimed that All Elite Wrestling will make its national TV debut in October 2019 on “a major cable network.” Today, The Wrap reported what that network is likely to be and provided statements from an insider on how AEW’s TV deal is coming along.

According to The Wrap‘s source, AEW is in talks for a weekly show with Turner Broadcasting, most likely on TNT. However, the deal is “definitely not signed” and “not imminent” and the negotiations surrounding it are “pretty complex.” It’s possible everything could be worked out by upfronts, when TV networks make presentations about their upcoming programming to advertisers, in May, but that is described as “ideal” but “not a definite.”

AEW itself made a more definitive announcement about its near future earlier this week, announcing a six-man tag match of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega vs. Pac and the Lucha Brothers for their upcoming June show in collaboration with CEO. The show has been named “Fyter Fest” and the ads for it have begun to parody that of the Fyre Fest, 2017’s biggest source of schadenfreude. The “luxury” here is obviously a joke rather than a scam, but it seems like this could be the real theme of AEW x CEO.

Through the Jim Ross Report, we also learned that AEW plans to have a three-man announce team of Ross, Alex Varvez, and Excalibur for Double or Nothing. Ross said he is “not a big fan” of this commentary format.