WWE Remembers The Legend Of Andre The Giant On His Birthday

The stories about Andre the Giant are just as legendary as the man’s career was. There are the tales of him drinking just about every WWE superstar under the table. Andre’s liver was said to be the size of a Buick’s engine. (It probably wasn’t, but the tall tales remain.) There’s the story of him stopping Ultimate Warrior dead in his tracks with a punch during an in-ring contest. There was his fear of flying and the routine he would put himself through before every flight. (It consisted of an enema.) Whatever corner of the wrestling world you traverse, there’s likely a story there awaiting you about how Andre the Giant truly was the “eighth wonder of the world.”

For WrestleMania III, Hulk Hogan has gone on record saying that he didn’t know if Andre was going to put him over (let him win) that night — Andre was just so powerful, even in his twilight, that the decision of the match was really up to him. He did the honorable thing that night, passing the proverbial torch to Hogan and ushering in a new generation for WWE.

Even in the most grandiose of tales, though, rarely do you ever hear about Andre being a malicious man. Those who knew him described him as a kind soul, someone willing to give you the last pennies in his pocket.

Check out the above video that WWE’s YouTube channel dropped today in honor of Andre’s birthday. Hope you’re having a good time body-slamming angels in heaven, boss.