Watch Astros Outfielder Josh Reddick Completely Ace WWE Trivia And Impressions

04.20.17 11 months ago 8 Comments

Josh Reddick has had a respectable career in Major League Baseball. The right fielder has playoff experience with the Oakland A’s, won a Golden Glove in 2012 and just signed with the Houston Astros for $52 million over the next four years — not exactly chump change.

But far more important than his baseball skill is his love of all things professional wrestling, from his walkout music being Daniel Bryan’s theme song to his unhinged tribute to the Ultimate Warrior.

Earlier this week, he was a guest on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, where hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar grilled him on his pro graps fandom. But not only did the pair chuck some relatively challenging questions at him (sure, everyone remembers who retired Ric Flair, but can you name which WrestleMania it was off the top of your head?), they also challenged Reddick to answer each while impersonating the wrestler in question, which led to the outfielder trying his hand at the mannerisms of the Rock, Randy Savage, Vince McMahon and more.

The only true tragedy of the whole thing is following Reddick’s correct answer of Jake “The Snake” Roberts as the man who lost to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at King Of The Ring 1996, he asks for someone on-field to beer him, yet his hand goes un-Steveweisered. You’d think a guy making $13 million a year could afford his own version of Mark Yeaton to carry a cooler around for him — hell, Mark Yeaton himself was let go from WWE recently, so maybe just get the real thing, Josh.

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