Awesome Kong Has Been Released By TNA Following An Alleged Assault

Late last month news broke that former Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong had been sent home from TNA’s U.K. tour following an alleged assault of Reby Sky. Kong was reportedly upset that Sky — who only appears on Impact Wrestling as Matt Hardy’s wife and occasional valet — was dressing in the Knockouts locker room. Conflicting reports say Kong either threatened to attack Sky or outright assaulted her, including grabbing her by the neck.

This put Kong’s longterm status with the company in question, and on Friday we got an answer:

This isn’t the first time Kong (real name Kia Stevens) has been released from TNA, or even the first time she’s been released for assault. She was released in 2010 when she beat up radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge, repeatedly punching him in the mouth for making offensive remarks about Haiti.

Before resurfacing in TNA, rumors had Stevens retiring from wrestling altogether, so it’ll be interesting to see if she steps away from the sport, returns to Japan or finds a new promotion in the states.