Bayley Once Had A Boyfriend Break Up With Her Over Matt Hardy

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01.01.18 12 Comments

WWE has debuted a new YouTube series that looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. It’s called Superstar Superfan, and it’s hosted by Peter Rosenberg, who finally has a chance to show off that Bobby Heenan-style satin jacket that he had custom made. The series will be about WWE Superstars who were diehard, obsessed wrestling fans long before they did this for a living.

The subject of the first episode, naturally, is Bayley, whose entire gimmick and character is based on the fact that she’s a lifelong full-bore wrestling geek. In fact, you can even go on WWE Network and spot her in the front row of an episode of Raw from 2004.

Bayley tells a lot of fun stories in the above video, but none are better than a doomed teenage romance that ended when her boyfriend got jealous of her infatuation with Matt Hardy.

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