Becky Lynch’s Quinoa Saga Is The Best Storyline In WWE


It’s no secret that Becky Lynch is one of the most entertaining wrestlers you can name right now. The sad thing is that the bulk of Lynch’s incredible displays of dorkiness and personality largely happen off of Raw and Smackdown.

The Mixed Match Challenge was a recent chance for Lynch to shine, and shine she did. But it’s her social media accounts and the WWE YouTube exclusives where she really gets to strut her stuff as one of the most likable and goofiest characters on the roster – and one of the best actors, to boot.

Lynch’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have legions of followers and have racked up dozens of ongoing inside jokes. She doesn’t just use social media for challenging Cris Cyborg to fights, you know.

Her “tea” gesture and inside joke with Charlotte Flair has only appeared on actual WWE television maybe once or twice, and only fleetingly, but it has proven popular enough to warrant becoming one of WWE’s official collectible pin sets at this year’s WrestleMania.

And of course, since day one, we’ve known all about Lynch’s propensity to get thee to a punnery.

Lynch hasn’t been showcased a lot in the past few months, and she stayed put on the Smackdown Live roster in the recent two-night Superstar Shake-Up. But somehow, she’s managed to create her own amazing storyline following WrestleMania, and it honestly couldn’t be better.

If you’ll recall, on the Smackdown after WrestleMania, the IIconics debuted and beat down Flair, leaving her vulnerable to Carmella’s successful Money in the Bank cash-in. When the title change took place, Lynch – in canon and behind the scenes one of Flair’s best friends – was flooded with fans wondering where the heck she was while the now-former Smackdown Women’s Champion was being pillar to post and losing her title.

Lynch, dismayed and confused, offered up the following video to explain her whereabouts. And it all had to do with some spectacular quinoa in catering. Dang!

Well, you better believe Lynch wasn’t going to let the same thing happen twice. When Flair was in danger of getting jumped again on this week’s Smackdown, Lynch’s assist-sense tingled – mid-quinoa, no less.

That is absolutely perfect, and some of the best continuity we’ve seen on WWE television in ages. Oh, wait … dang, it wasn’t on television! Well, regardless, this intricate little ancient grains-based storyline has us beside ourselves with its cleverness and sheer, unbridled glee. Bless you, Becky Lynch, for being you, and for continuing to have the most fun of anyone in the company.

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Additional thanks in advance to you, the reader, who I desperately hope will drop down into the comment section and give us the best quinoa pun you possibly can. Make sure they’re really quinoaff the charts.