Fox Put Effort Into Keeping CM Punk’s WWE Backstage Debut A Surprise

Despite their magnificent Rabbit Season/Duck Season back-and-forth on AEW Dynamite, it looks like MJF and Chris Jericho weren’t the most important wrestlers to wear scarves this week, or at least one wrestling personality (he probably doesn’t want to be called a wrestler at this point in his career) wore a scarf in a manner both more absurd and more portentous.

As seen in a video released by Fox TV, CM Punk had his head fully wrapped in a purple scarf, ninja style, to keep his identity from leaking out as he made his way to the studio where he was about to much-discussed debut on WWE Backstage. The video also features Punk’s car ride to the studio, sans face covering, during which he talks about how he got the position, confirming what we’d already heard about how the deal is between him and Fox, not WWE.

Punk says Fox wanted him on WWE Backstage because he knows so much about wrestling, and there’s certainly an extent to which that’s true. But they already had Booker T and Christian, who had longer wrestling careers than him, not to mention Renee Young and Paige, who know plenty about wrestling as well. No shade on CM Punk, who will likely be an entertaining presence on WWE Backstage, but we all know Fox wanted him because he has a fan base who they’re hoping will tune in to see him, even if he’s not wrestling.