Nikki Bella Hinted That She And Brie Might Return On Smackdown

It’s been slightly less than three months since Bella Twins revealed on their podcast that they were unable to return to WWE due to Nikki’s lingering medical problems, so it seems safe to assume we won’t be seeing them anytime soon. At least, we could all agree that was the case until some posts Nikki Bella made on Instagram yesterday.

Nikki made a couple of references to a mysterious photo shoot she and Brie were doing, which she said she couldn’t reveal the nature of to fans but would soon. Most notably, she posted a video to her Instagram story, in which she shows a rack full of Bellas ring gear while saying, “Okay, doing a super-fun shoot today. It’s a surprise, can’t wait to tell you all about it,” then she picks up a version of her “Fearless” cap in Smackdown colors and adds, “Might have to wear that Friday! But yeah, so many surprises!”

Here’s a preserved version of that video, courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

It’s hard to see that and not get the impression she’s talking about an appearance on the Smackdown Fox premiereShe also posted a photo in what appears to be a boxing ring (four ropes instead of three) with the caption “little sneak peek,” and a photo of herself and Brie in front of the sunset in which she ones more referenced “an incredible shoot day (can’t wait to tell you soon what it’s for!).”

She definitely seems to be dropping hints deliberately, but whether she’s just having fun or whether it leads anywhere is a separate question. And of course it’s worth keeping in mind that they might appear on the Smackdown premiere without actually returning to WWE. They could be “special guests” and just appear in a backstage segment or something similar.