Looks Like Big Cass Could Be In Big Trouble For Going Off Script


Notable tall WWE guy Big Cass has been feuding with notable goat/GOAT Daniel Bryan since he returned from injury, to mixed reception. One moment that left many unimpressed was the pre-Backlash Smackdown Live segment in which Cass called out a little person dressed as Bryan, then beat up this impersonator. In case you missed it, this segment is preserved, in edited form, on WWE’s YouTube channel:

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE management was unhappy with the skit, although for different reasons than WWE fans. It was edited out of that clip, but Cass punched the fake D-Bry several times after hitting him with a big boot. Apparently Cass was only scripted to hit that first move, but felt that he needed to take the beatdown further, and even took the issue to Vince McMahon. McMahon and other management figures maintained that he should just do the boot… but Cass punched his fellow performer on the live show anyway.

I can see Big Cass’s point, from a creative perspective. If you have to do an offensive segment with a little person to get heel heat, why not get the most heat you can? However, I can’t imagine Cass is in a position where he can get away with going against direct orders from Vince & co. We’ll see if he learns his lesson, or if sticking to the script is something that can’t be taught.