Former WWE Star Big Vito Says Daniel Bryan Retired Because WWE’s Scared Of His Lawsuit

Former WWE star “Big Vito” LoGrasso — notable for his time in ECW, a few Tag Team Championship runs in WCW and for wearing a dress during matches — believes Daniel Bryan was only forced to retire from WWE due to the class-action lawsuit Vito filed against the company over concussions in 2015. He says that if it weren’t for him, Bryan would be “going to WRestleMania.”

Vito explains his point of view in this message, shared via social media:

“My thoughts on this week so far are something to talk about. People are now starting to get in the know on CTE. If it wasn’t for this lawsuit, Daniel Bryan would be going to Wrestlemania. Who knows what would have happened if he kept wrestling. I am happy he will be OK. The fear on losing your spot is real. Are you hurt, NO. You keep going. It was the culture. All the people now sharing concussion stories. All the awareness. But a year ago, this lawsuit and everything about concussions, CTE, was laughed at, made fun of, thought it was a load of crap. Now, it is reality. The education you are getting now, but what about back then ? Now people want to step up and be spokesmen and help. No one could care or donated their time last year. They could care less. Glad I made this possible for all to see. I speak for me, the others and the guys not here no more. My wish is for this to settle and make this a great thing. Right now it’s a pissing contest instead of working together. Make things right and go for the gold on this. Waste your money on fighting something that is true won’t get you any votes. Just prolonges what will be. Do it classy and not as a must. -Merit- , is what we have, the facts are there. Daniel Bryan moves on to have a family and keep his head together, a real positive here. If not for me taking this on , who knows what would have been. #fightvitofight”

Vito’s lawsuit — filed with former FCW and NXT talent Evan Singleton, also known as “Adam Mercer” — is still pending, having been merged with other head-trauma suits filed against WWE. Is there merit to this? Is the only reason Daniel Bryan made the “wise choice” of stepping away from pro wrestling that WWE was afraid someone would notice if they continued to destroy his brain for profit, or did they just genuinely care about his well-being? Has WWE changed how they treat CTE issues, or were they simply guilted into it?

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