Bill Goldberg’s Next Endeavor Will Be One-Man Shows

Bill Goldberg is once again on a collision course with Brock Lesnar, and although nothing is official yet, we all know the two men will almost certainly tangle at WrestleMania 33. If the latest rumors and spoilers are to be believed, that match might end up being even more important than we may have suspected. But that’s none of my business.
There may be no plans for WWE to use Goldberg past WrestleMania. Or there may be! But regardless, he has some gigs booked for June and July this year. They’re not wrestling gigs, however. It appears Goldberg will be following in the footsteps of fellow wrestling luminaries Mick Foley and Jim Ross and giving the world of one-man shows a try.

Goldberg will head to Glasgow on June 25, Manchester on June 27, and London on July 2. So the guy’s going to get a nice week or so to chill out in the United Kingdom. Sadly, these are probably going to be much closer to “Q and A sessions” than actual “one-man shows,” but I’m going to go ahead and keep the dream alive of Goldberg behind a desk, lit with a spotlight, solemnly and earnestly delivering a two-hour Spalding Gray-type monologue about his football and wrestling days.

Wait, actually, a better option would probably be Goldberg just straight-up doing Lily Tomlin’s “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.” Come on, Goldberg. Do it. You know you’re not going to get any interesting questions, anyway. Give Glasgow a thrill.