Braun Strowman’s SummerSlam Destruction Of Brock Lesnar Won The Night In Brooklyn

SummerSlam had its ups and downs for the first four and a half hours of the five hour show (full results can be found here), serving as our friendly reminder that five hours is too much time to fill and have good matches throughout. However, the final half hour given to the Fatal Four-way for the WWE Raw Championship was pure gold thanks to the absolute hoss fight that went down in the Barclays Center.

Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe went at it as four of the WWE’s heavy-hitters all met in the ring at the same time. Much of the action, as one would anticipate, took place outside of the ring and for the first half of the main event it was the Braun Strowman Show, to the delight of everyone watching.

If Strowman wasn’t already over at the start of the match, he definitely was by the end despite not winning. Strowman picked apart the other three outside the ring, but most of his dominance came at the expense of Brock Lesnar. Strowman power bombed Lesnar through not one, but two announce tables ringside, in an insane exhibition of strength.

While Joe and Roman went at it after that, Braun broke up their scrap with his trademarked “launch an office chair at someone’s head” move, taking both down with one throw.

After picking poor Lesnar back up as he tried to crawl into the ring, Strowman again sent him through another announce table. As the crowd chanted at him that he had one more table to go, Strowman obliged them, not by putting someone through it, but instead flipping the dang thing over on top of poor Brock.

Lesnar would end up being stretchered out before eventually returning to successfully defend his title in what was, by far, the best match of the night. While Lesnar may have walked out with the belt, Strowman is who everyone will be talking about because of his amazing run of destruction that has to set up a future Lesnar-Strowman showdown.